10 Spring Must Haves: Accessories

by - 9:50:00 PM

We can all agree that what gives light and bright to any outfit is... accessorizing! They are key for transforming a simple tee and a pair of jeans into a fresh, stylish, and effortless look. That is why I've been searching for 10 different tools that will improve any look to a big scale. These are my 10 spring must have: accessories...

(My favorite is definitely N.10, the Edwardian Hair Comb. It's vintage and so pretty.)

1. MIU MIU Strappy Platform Sandals
2. Loren Hope Earrings
3. The Lizzy Fringed Bag
4. Etsy Clutch
5. ModCloth "Alice In Wonderland" Necklace
6. Forever 21 Wayfarers
7. Etsy Coral & Turquoise Ring
8. H&M Scarf
9. CHLOÉ Ballet Flats
10. Suzannah Edwardian Hair Comb

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