Cosmetics 101: Concealer

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Concealer is by far the most powerful and miraculous beauty product. It's every woman's secret weapon against blemishes, zits, dark spots, and redness. For that reason, knowing the right brand and shade for your skin can make your face look flawless by adding the appropriate amount in the appropriate way.

Concealer can come as pencil, pen, liquid, cake, or stick; and each of this types are applied in different ways, probably to treat different spots. A pencil concealer is ideal for blemishes and dark spots, and are very easy to use as they give a precise camouflage. Pen concealers are perfect for highlighting under-eye areas, and they provide very light covering, just like liquid concealers that are weightless, and have great hydrating benefits. The cake/cream concealer, on the other hand, is heavier, and is recommended for larger areas, like the chin or forehead. Personally, I find the stick concealer perfect for every use. It is light, very precise, and can cover under-eye darkness, as well as blemishes or zits for a longer time. However, any type/brand of concealer has its benefits, which is why we need to understand our skin and find the perfect weapon to make it look its best.
Liquid: MAC Pro

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