Cosmetics 101: What's in your beauty bag?

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There are things we all carry on our bags wherever we go. Wether we actually use them or we're just taking them out for a ride, there are specific things that would make us feel incomplete if we left them at home. These are the 8 items that every girl should have in her beauty bag...

Blush: Always take your favorite blush with you, especially when going out for long time during the day.
Bobby pins: These are truly lifesavers for any hairstyle emergency.
Chapstick: It can quench dry lips, plus giving it a tasty touch. Highly recommended for those dry climates.
Powder: Compact or loose, it can fix and improve your makeup through the day.
Hand sanitizer: Oh the bacteria out there that can be easily avoided with these pocket-size sanitizers .
Oil absorbing sheets: They clean the oil out of your face by sweeping them on the shiny areas, without ruining your makeup.
Pocket mirror: Always a good idea to keep it close at hand, especially when going out for eating.
Moisturizer: This is the most underrated and probably the most necessary item. Always keep one small bottle in your bag for those dry, humid days.

What's in your beauty bag?

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