Top 3: Perfumes

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Most people won't think of perfume as a basic and very important accessory. Wearing a good perfume is a classy way of expressing your own personal style while having a nice aroma around you. First of all it's important to know the difference between the varieties of fragrances. Parfum is the oiliest fragrance, therefore, is the one that lasts the longer on your skin, and also the most expensive. Eau de parfum and eau de toilette are perfect for everyday wear, and have dozens of different aromas perfect for each style. The last option is eau de cologne, which is the least oily, and doesn't last too much. I've tried different options, but my favorite 3 are...

1. "Lovely" by Sarah Jessica Parker: Citric and floral aroma, perfect for a romantic style.
2. "Anais Anais" by Cacharel: Mix of rose and amber scents, fitting into a more classic and elegant vibe.
3. "Dream Angels Heavenly" by Victoria's Secret: Vanilla scent, turning towards a warmer, brighter aroma.

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