Beauty Sleep

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Every woman wants to look beautiful throughout the day, so we style, primp and take care of our body to make it happen. But some of us don't know, or just forget, that our skin, hair, and overall body appearance can get at its best while sleeping! They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing anyway. Below are some probably obvious, but very useful tips for taking the most advantage from our 'zzz time', plus waking up looking beautifully fresh...

- Before going to bed, apply your regular night cream or moisturizer. It'll absorb better during the sleep.

- Sleep on a satin pillow case. It'll prevent your hair from getting knots, split ends and frizz, and your skin from wrinkles and dryness.

- Sleep on your back. The weight of your head is too heavy for your face to support. Plus, sleeping on your back can reduce the chances of premature wrinkles.

- Avoid caffeine, alcohol, or plain liquids before bed. It'll reduce the chances of midnight wakings, and will help you sleep throughout the entire night pleasantly.

- Establish your sleep time in a routine and stick to it. Your body will adapt to it and work at its best while being awake.

Lastly, let your 7-9 hour sleep be as revitalizing as possible. This way you'll be able to do your daily activities super energized and always in a positive mood.

Happy dreams!

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