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I really, really love today's inspiring message, which I got from the amazing people at You, Me & Charlie. I can identify with this process a lot, and I'm sure many of you will too. It's so typical, and completely normal to feel frustrated, insecure, and incapable of reaching our goal. It's hard to get motivation when we find so many obstacles around us... but take a moment to observe the picture. Doesn't it feel AMAZING when you've reached the higher step? I have found myself several times at the bottom, and many others around the middle, but the feeling of being at the top, and knowing I did exactly what I had set my mind to, makes the climb completely worth it! So next time you feel unsure or lacking real motivation take a look at this message and imagine the process as simple as taking one step at a time, until you find yourself completely satisfied with your place in the stairs.
I hope you all have a motivating Friday!

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