DIY Idea: Scalloped Shorts

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Source: Lauren Conrad
Lately, I've been eyeing this super feminine piece everywhere. These scalloped shorts are just perfect! The lower cut adds an extra creativity and originality to a regular pair of shorts, making it look so chic and a major must have item! So, to calm my craving I found a great DIY tutorial to turn a regular pair of shorts into this fashionable piece. And the best part of this tutorial is that you don't have to be a professional sewer or any less to be able to work it out. I, myself, am definitely not an expert on the sewing area and still can't wait to try this idea.
Source: Little Bow Prep
Rachel, from Transient Expression, explains, step by step, the entire process for getting this 'scalloped shorts' look. She really makes it very easy for all of us to apply it not only on shorts, but also on pants or skirts. Even though she made this tutorial a long time ago, I believe this piece is very fashionable right now, so don't hesitate to try it. 

Click here for the tutorial.

Thanks to Rachel & happy sewing to all!

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