Hairstyle: Twisted Updo

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Just like fashion, hairstyling involves a trend, and since the hair is my personal favorite accessory, looking through the latest hair trends is essential. This specific updo has been one of my favorites since ever. The Twisted Updo is so simple and effortless but at the same time very original and eye catching. It's a lot easier than braids, and just as versatile and fun. I love the hairstyles that look better when loose and messy, and this is the perfect example. There isn't really a set of steps to 'get' the look, as long as some sections of the hair are twisted. The twists can be worn as a headband, in a low bun, in a ponytail or pinned onto the sides. Whichever way the twists are locked, the look will definitely look natural, sweet, original and most of all, very fashion forward. You just have to get the twist going...

How would you wear your hair twisted?

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  1. Great inspirations,I love messy hairstyles!