My Favorites: Jewelry

by - 10:30:00 AM

I like to begin a new month by reinventing the way I accessorize, especially with the jewelry I use. Personally, jewelry can change my entire outfit, from a casual ensemble to a more formal evening look, just by changing a pair of plastic bangles to a set of beautiful pearls. I found 5 great jewelry options, casual or more elegant, from some of my favorite, and very affordable, stores...
(From left/top to right/bottom)
H&M Necklace $6.95
J. Crew Bamboo Bangle $22.50
LC Lauren Conrad Gold Stone Stud Earrings $7.20
J. Crew Classic Jenna Bracelet $88.00
Forever 21 Faux Stone Necklace $6.80

Which is your favorite piece of spring jewelry?

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