Polyvore Creation: Spring Awakening

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In case you haven't noticed already, I LOVE Polyvore! It's my top webpage right now and for plenty of good reasons. One of the many things I love about Polyvore is that it has so many different contests all the time that promote the fashion creativity. I haven't had a lot of time to 'polyvore' lately, but yesterday I entered a contest hosted by Timex, where contestants had to create a set that reflects a casual spring look including one of their stylish Weekender watches in the creations. There were over 8,000 entries, most of which I absolutely loved, so I'm sure the judges will have the hardest time ever picking just one winner, who will receive a $500 Visa giftcard, by the way! Below is the set I created as my entry.
I chose a sheer blouse as the main item of the look because it reflects my own personal style and especially this season's trend. The colors had to be pastel, as nothing says "spring" better than a palette of pastel shades. The top below the sheer blouse is a complementary piece that gives the entire look a different tone. The maxi skirt was also essential, as it defines freshness, fun, femininity, and fashion to the overall outfit. The sandals and jewelry compliment, from my view, the entire look, giving a bit of elegance to a casual ensemble. Last, but very not least, the Timex Weekender I chose is very neutral, but sophisticated and light. I love how it fits with this look and with my personal style in reality. 

For the complete details of the pieces I used for my entry click here. And to view the rest of the sets I've created click here. I really hope you like them!

Fingers crossed!

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