Spring Craving: Sleeveless Blouse

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Since the last few weeks of spring, I've been wearing tons of different pieces from my closet that I didn't used enough over the last year. One of those things I'm obsessed with right not is a sleeveless blouse. Blouses, in general, are very comfortable and light to use, perfect for the fresh air of spring, and a sleeveless one makes the look a lot more feminine and trendy. Wether you wear it all tucked in, loosen down, or wrapped around your waist, a sleeveless blouse is a perfect option for a spring-y ensemble. The different colors, patterns, textures, fabrics, and models that are coming alive on every store this season make of sleeveless blouses fun, original, and trendy pieces that are becoming a 'must-have' on every stylish woman's closet. The different cleavages and cuts apply to every style, wether it's a classic buttoned collar, or a girly bow neck. In any case, I find sleeveless blouses an AMAZING option for a casual or even a more formal, night out look. Just pair it with the appropriate shoes and accessories, and you can have plenty of looks with just one beautiful, perfect-fitted, and super fun sleeveless blouse.

Look and shop for the blouses used above:

Forever 21 Dotted Point d'Esprit Top $17.80
Forever 21 Sleeveless Leopard Top $17.80
Musthaves.dk Claudia Silk Blouse €175.00
Weekday Amelia Blouse €40.00
OASIS Dina Sleeveless Blouse £35.00

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