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UsTrendy is a shopping experience where emerging designers can sell their creations and make their clothing lines grow, while consumers discover unique fashion items, produced from all over the world. There are thousands of pieces that fit every style, and the best part is that you will probably never find someone wearing the same thing you are, because of the uniqueness of every piece... 

I've seen so many beautiful, affordable, wearable pieces perfect for complimenting my closet! Below are my top 4 dresses, all from the Messes of Dresses clothing line. But there are MANY other pieces, from MANY other lines that are completely worth buying!

Sultry Multi Colored Silk Dress
Sleeveless Off White Lace Dress
Sheer Blue Polka Dot Mini Dress
Charcoal Pocket Dress

Which of these dresses,or any other piece from UsTrendy is your favorite?
Let me know on a comment below for a chance of winning a 100$ Gift Certificate from UsTrendy!

*Comments will be considered until Monday, April 16th.

*UPDATE* Congratulations to Helena Burshvick for winning the 100$ Gift Certificate from UsTrendy! And thanks to all who entered.

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4 responses

  1. I love this site too, it has so many pretty clothes! My favorite is the white lace dress! its perfect for this season that is using a lot of lace!!

  2. I also loved this one:

  3. Hello!!
    I loved the multi colored dress and this particular top (love the back)
    I want to win this, i found so many good things to buy!!

  4. This is so amazing!!!! Can't wait to spend the card on all these beautiful clothes! Thank you so much for this gift! Hope to see more giveaways soon!