It's all about NEON!

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Source: Etsy
As you may have probably noticed, this season brought many different trends that are incredibly wearable, plus perfect for every style! Besides pastels and florals, another color pattern that spring brought is NEON! Wearing neon can be a real challenge, but it has the ability to add a cool pop of color to a neutral outfit. Many may say that only one piece of neon should be worn at a time, but I beg to differ. If applied well, and keeping a balanced look, adding different pieces of neon can bring to life an entire ensemble, making it look bright, young and super trendy. I created a small set with some of my favorite pieces, which are really great ideas to add neon to your closet. Take a look...

What's your favorite way to add neon to your look?

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2 responses

  1. Oh the stop,dress and the heels are amazing!Great finds!xx

  2. The pic on the top is so poetic.