Shape Up: Workout Plan

9:30:00 AM

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Summer is nearly two months away... and it brings along sun, beach, swimsuit bodies... But if you're anything like me, you're probably still fighting the extra pounds from the holidays and the last non-workout months. Besides a good and balanced dieting and drinking your regular H2Os, exercising is just as important. Everyone has their own personal working out style. Whether it's a daily walk, pilates, hours at the gym, or a fun sport match with friends, exercise should have a place in your routine to keep your overall health in a good track, and so that when those summer days at the beach come, you'll feel truly confident and beautifully healthy. I found this workout plan that can be done anywhere, won't take too much time, and will help tone up almost every muscle of your body. By doing this once a day, I promise you'll have one thing less to worry about during the sunny months...
Source: Skinny Diary Starts Now

Happy exercising!

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