Time to Celebrate!

Source: Mommy Holly
May is usually a month of celebrations. It's time for graduations, spring weddings, summer planning... And here at Primp & Wear we have another reason to celebrate! This is our 100th blog post, and we want to make it special. We gathered our top 5 posts that, according to your views, emails, and suggestions, have been your favorites. So, in the midst of celebration, take a second look at them and maybe get inspired one more time...

Favorite Primp: Twisted Updo

Favorite DIY: Scalloped Shorts

Favorite Favorites: Maxi Skirt - Ombre Hair - ...

Favorite Daily Inspiration: Don't be afraid...

Again, thank you for your support. We'll try our best to make sure you enjoy our following posts!

Love, Primp & Wear

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