Trendsetter of the Month

9:47:00 AM

June's trendsetter of the month is one of the best fashion bloggers to date... in my opinion, of course. She has a great sense of style represented in minimalistic elegance. She is Marianna Mäkelä from Helsinki, Finland. Ever since Primp & Wear first noticed her style, she has brought huge fashion inspiration to this very spot. She's always carrying her personal fashion statement to the streets of Helsinki, and to many other exotic places of the world. She wasn't featured in our 'Primp & Wear Favorites' section for no reason... Take a look here.  So, without further ado, here are some great examples of Marianna's classic, elegant, and truly inspiring style...

For more of her great outfits and interesting posts visit her blog, Mariannan.

What do you think of Marianna's style?

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  1. i love marianna's blog too, she is so beautiful and stylish! nice choice!