Blogging Program: Oasap

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In a previous post, I've introduced Oasap to you, fellow readers. This amazing online marketplace, which happens to be also a very innovative website, helps fashion bloggers receive fantastic benefits by encouraging them to participate in a blogging program where they feature in their blogs an item gifted by the wonderful people at Oasap.

Their first gift for Primp & Wear were these Retro Oval Jeweled Earrings

Aren't these beautiful? Well, you can also receive a gift from them by creating an account. To every new member, they give a $15 credit to spend in any item. And there are many other great benefits from becoming a member! 

To create your account, enter here.

Also, remember to enter their giveaway of 152 items, ending soon!

Good luck and happy shopping! 

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4 responses

  1. Beautiful earrings! im will definitely become a member of this website. I love websites that promote blogging with these brilliant ideas!!!

  2. I entered the giveaway also! fingers crossed!

  3. Alessia (Le Petite Parisienne)July 2, 2012 at 7:16 PM

    ahhhh i loved those earrings the look super elegant. thanks for sharing the website

  4. omgg ive been trying to become affiliate with this website too!!! ive heard many good things about it, now i know why ! registering rite NOWWW