DIY Idea: Flower Crown

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Crowns are my current favorite hair accessories. Whether they're feather or flower crowns, they give a super romantic, feminine look without being too obvious. They are perfect for morning weddings, festivals, or any other regular day when you want to look pretty and flirty. So, in the midst of this sunny, fun and bright season, I'm sharing my obsession with a simple tutorial on how to create your very own floral crown...

What you'll need:
- Silk flowers
- Wire (preferably green)
- Ribbon (green or brown)
- Hot glue gun

How to:
1. Create a circle with the wire that fits comfortably your head.
2. Place one flower into the wire and secure it by wrapping it with ribbon. Apply a dot of glue for extra steadiness.
3. Continue placing and securing the flowers around the entire piece of wire or just around half of it.

Images credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Will you be working this DIY during summertime?

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