Hairstyle Tutorial: Beach Waves

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Hairstyle Tutorial: Beach Waves

During these hot days, beach waves are the easiest way to style hair. They look super natural and effortless, and go in perfect harmony with the season’s elements. And honestly, it’s a good idea to leave the hot tools behind during these months, and let your hair absorb the sun’s benefits. So, below I share a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to get beach waves, very naturally.


How To 
1. Wash your hair before going to bed.
2. Dry it with a t-shirt (not a towel!) until it’s damp, and twist into a loose bun.
3. In the morning, let the bun out and brush with your fingers until the waves look soft and natural.
4. To make the waves last longer, spritz hairspray at the ends and massage towards the roots.

See how easy? Plus, it’s the perfect season to give these a try…

Happy hairstyling!

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