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Primp & Wear is nearly half a year old, and I find it the perfect moment for mid-year evaluation. I have enjoyed creating every single post, and have learnt so much along the way, as I hope you have as well. According to you, readers, there are certain posts and topics you've liked more, and that gives a great opportunity to make Primp & Wear more suitable according to your interests and likes. For that reason, I wanted for you to take a short, quick survey about the general content, so this work-in-progress can improve a little bit more every week. 

Your time and feedback will be highly appreciated and even rewarded... After answering the survey, send an email to primpandwear@gmail.com with your name, age and country of residence, and you will automatically enter into the $100 gift card giveaway from SheInside.com. 

You have until August 31st to enter.* Thank you for your support and time, and good luck to all!

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