Summer Trend: The Sheer Blouse

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Summer is my second favorite season, right after spring of course, and for many reasons. One main reason is summer fashion. Trends during the sunny season are super light, fresh, comfortable, and fun. I love how I can pull off an amazing outfit with the simplest, lightest items and look very season-appropriate. Swimsuits, cut off shorts, maxi dresses… who doesn’t love summer shopping? But my current summer craving is definitely the sheer blouse. I love how versatile it can be, wearing it with a nice pair of jeans and flats, a mini skirt and heels, or just over my swimsuit at the beach… Whichever way you choose to wear a sheer blouse, it’ll definitely be your outfit’s key trend.

For that reason, below I gathered four of my favorite sheer blouses to be worn in many different ways…

2. Les Nouvelles Brett Clean Blouse

Is this a trend you’d be wearing this season?

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