Olympic Style

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For all of us, I'm sure this Olympics season has been super entertaining. Besides the emotional rooting for our country's athletes, we as spectators have taken it to a higher level. It's probably the only thing I've been watching on TV and read about online (I'll admit the Olympic-themed Google doodles have taken quite some time out of my last few days). Most sports are exciting to watch, but gymnastics and synchronized swimming definitely get my full attention, not only for my true love for the delicate, feminine performances, but also for the stylish uniforms. It makes it so much more fun when gymnasts and swimmers prepare a theme for their competition. And even though I've already chosen my favorite olympians to root for, my favorite leotard became a harder choice. Below, I share some of my favorite uniforms from the London 2012 Olympic teams...

From top/left to bottom/right: Great Britain, Italy, USA, Australia, Spain, USA & Mexico.
Images from London 2012Slate Magazine & Fashionista.
What's your favorite sport to watch during this Olympic season?

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