Summer Makeup Trends

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With the passing of the seasons, trends come and go. Specific hairstyles, articles of clothing, or even nail polish shades may not suit all but only one season, and makeup is definitely not an exception. Makeup trends also change every 4 months, and applying them to our beauty routine will improve our balance with nature's cycle. For that reason, below I share some creative beauty tricks and ideas that you've probably never thought of, and are truly summer-appropriate.

- Tinted SPF: Summer is probably the season when we wear makeup the least, but it is definitely the season when we should protect our skin the most. Instead of regular foundation, opt for a tinted moisturizer with SPF. This way, your face will look equally flawless, while protecting and hydrating it.

- Face mist: With the hot climates melting the makeup off and making our skin look shiny and puffy, a makeup mist is the tool to go for. The mist will seal the makeup and make it stay longer.

- Light smoke: You can still look dramatic with a smokey eye during summer, but choose lighter shades like purple, blue, green or pink to lighten the look and give it an earthier and warmer vibe. Darker hues should be left for winter; summer is all about brights and fun colors!

- Bright cheeks: Blush in a light, bright pink is ideal for summer days. It looks super romantic and blends in perfectly with a tanned skin.

- Hot Lips: Another great color to try during summer is hot pink, for the lips. A bright lipstick will give an elegant, young look, while being in perfect tone with the shiniest season of all.

- Lip Protection: Although a hot pink lipstick is a must during summer, it's not to be worn every single day. So, whenever you're going for a nude lip, apply lip balm. It's the perfect way to go natural and healthy, and still look summery.

It's a good idea to try different trends when seasons change, and these, in my opinion, are the ones to try for what's left of summer.

Any other good tips or tricks for summer makeup?

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