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Credit: My Blue Canoe
Ironically, adding vintage pieces to an outfit is always on trend. Vintage can give a completely different look to a simple modern wardrobe. The only thing to take into account is balance, by wearing only one vintage piece at a time. Whether it's a blouse, garment or jewelry, mix it up with an on-trend item, to avoid looking too costume-ish. There are many vintage clothing stores that sell items in perfect condition for an incredibly low price. But if you're not sure of wearing someone else's discarded clothing, look for stores that have vintage-inspired articles, such as ModCloth

Take a look at some of my favorite vintage-inspired pieces that would fit in a modern wardrobe in every way...

All items from ModCloth
"Surprising combinations tend to look fabulous and can make an otherwise dated garment look fresh." 
Lauren Conrad for Style

How do you like to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe?

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