Colored Chalk Hair

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For the past few months, hair chalking has been a very persistent trend, and for many good reasons. The resemblance to a real dye is amazing, plus there's no need to commit since the added color to streaks of hair or tips is completely temporary. The best part? There are so many different colors to choose from and mix that would turn an everyday look into a colorful, fun hairstyle. However, considering chalk is not the most ideal product for the hair, there are some things to take into account during and after chalking. With that said, here's a tutorial on how to get the look along with some tips to prevent possible hair damage...

1. First, pick your favorite color of chalk. You can choose several or just one, depending on the look you want. My favorites are pastels such as turquoise and peach.
2. Wet the tip of the chalk and twist the hair strands you want colored.
3. Start chalking up and down, re-wetting if necessary.
4. Wait for your hair to dry and style as desired.
The darker your hair is, the more water it needs to absorb the color. The lighter it is, the less water needed.
Don't try this trend too often since the pigments on the chalk can affect natural moisturizing. 
Deeply condition your hair when removing the colors.

Happy chalking!

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  1. amazing!!! ive always wanted to try this but not sure if it could ruin my hair, glad ti know it wont thanks for the tips!