How To Take Good Care Of Our Nails

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Besides a good skincare and haircare routine, it is also really important to take good care of our nails. Apart from being a great accessory and a quick mood booster after a manicure, nails are also very delicate and easily damaged. Brittleness, peeling and yellowing are just some of the signs that your nails might need more nutrients and probably a break from chemicals contained in polishes. That said, I leave some tips for a more proper nail care, from a better dieting to a deeper hygiene. 

The main reason why nails are hard to maintain is because they are dead cells, so they can't repair themselves as other living cells in our body do. That's where we come in, helping repair those dead cells with constant pampering and polishing. 

A good nail hygiene consists of trimming regularly, not sharing your nail file and replacing it often, moisturizing daily, and not biting or picking at your cuticles. And also, try to keep your fingernails dry and clean to avoid bacteria and germs.

Although these hygiene tips are truly important, we are what we eat, so a good, healthy and balanced nutrition has a deep impact on what our nails may look like. Usually, nail breakage comes from an iron and/or calcium deficiency. Milk, eggs, vegetable oils and green vegetables such as spinach and chard are highly recommended for brittleness and peeling. For yellowish nails, wear a base coat under the manicure and choose lighter polishes. 

With all the polish, glitter, and gel in our manicures, we might forget what's underneath, but I suggest a break from all those chemicals every now and then to let our finger (and toe) nails absorb the necessary sunlight and oxygen, and help the repairing process, minimizing the harm they are constantly exposed to. 

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