DIY Idea: Accessories Holder

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Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing a beautiful, practical and very easy idea for your room. If you're anything like me, you probably spend hours organizing your jewelry and accessories collection, but they eventually end up being a complete mess all over again. This DIY idea is perfect for keeping your collection organized, plus you get to display your most precious pieces, which is a wonderful décor idea as well. Here's how to do it...

What you'll need:
- An old frame
- Crochet lace
- A staple gun

How to:
- Take an old, empty frame and make sure you can hang it anywhere in your room. 
- You can spray paint it to add a touch of your personal style.
- Cut several stripes of crochet lace.
- Use a staple gun to attach the lace stripes on the edges of the frame. 
- Check if they're stretched and glued strongly enough to carry the weight of the pieces.
- Begin to hang your favorite accessories and voilà!

Will you try this DIY idea?

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