Time To Celebrate!

9:30:00 AM

Photo from The Light Fantastic

Primp & Wear has reached the 200th post this week! And since there is always a good reason to celebrate, this is definitely the time. Gathering up the top 6 posts since the first 100, these are the ones that according to your views, likes and emails, were your favorite. So, here's to another goal reached, and to looking again through what once inspired you all... 

Favorite Primp: The Sock Bun

Favorite Wear: Top 5: Fall Outfits

Favorite Health: Summer Workouts

Favorite DIY: Cut Off Shorts

Favorite Favorites: Cropped Top - Scaly Shoulders - ...

Favorite Daily Inspiration: Remember the compliments...

Again, thank you for your support! Have a great weekend!

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