DIY Idea: Turban Headband

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This week's DIY idea is one of the biggest trends of the season. A turban headband is an amazingly beautiful way to accessorize your hair, at a very low cost and effort. It's perfect to throw on during those bad hair days, or when your locks are somewhat dirty. Since it automatically brings attention to the head, it's recommendable to keep the rest of the look simple and balanced for proportions' sake. The diversity of lengths, styles, prints and colors makes it super easy to combine with what goes best with your hair type. Now, take a look at this simple tutorial on how to make your very own turban headband...

What you'll need:
- A long piece of fabric (your choice)
- Needle and thread
- Scissors

How To:
- Grab your piece of fabric and make sure it's long enough to cover your head.
- Fold it in half and take one side over the other and then under.
- Fold the strips over so that they are linked together.
- Test it on your head to make sure it fits well.
- Take the two loose ends and sew them together, cutting off the remaining pieces of fabric.

There are many different ways to make a turban headband, but this, in my opinion, is the simplest how-to. Try with different fabrics and widths until you find the one you love and flatters your face the most. In any way, this is another great idea to add a pop of trend and color to any outfit that is an absolute must-try.

Will you be trying this DIY idea anytime soon?

Images from arabnews, ETSYAfter DRK.

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