Fight the Big C

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This is definitely not the most exciting post to read, but it's certainly useful and highly important. Breast cancer has been a popular concern for the past years, and unfortunately we have to be aware of its reality. Not that I want to be the bad news bear or anything, but it is estimated that 1 of every 8 women get breast cancer throughout life. Such a sad but realistic fact. So, with that said, today I wanted to share some simple tips on how to lower the risks of getting this terrible disease...

1. Self examine. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, 40% of cancer detections are from patients who felt a lump during a self-exam, and the sooner it is detected, the better chances of full recovery, so learning how to examine yourself is key. It is recommended to make the exam once a month during the same day of your period, when your breasts are most sensitive. In case you don't know how to examine yourself, take a look at this breast self-exam guide.

2. Inform yourself. Although diseases like cancer can originate from many different factors that are sometimes inevitable, there are some others that can be controlled by our lifestyle. Get information about the different risks and causes, and adapt your lifestyle according to them. The price of prevention is worthy.

3. Avoid overindulging. Excessive drinking, eating and smoking can all be related to cancer diagnosis. Alcohol and fat cells raise the levels of estrogen which is highly related to breast cancer, so this is a good reason to limit the alcohol intake and control our weight. Smoking increases the chances of getting breast or any other cancer, especially people with family history. Also, secondhand smoke is one of the main causes of breast cancer, so taking into account the lives around you is a good and kind idea.

4. Stress off. Uncountable researches have demonstrated the strong relation between stress and cancer. Although society around us is definitely not of big help, we should try to relax and calm down a little bit for our health's sake. Stressing out when being diagnosed is also a terrible trigger towards more diseases. 

Like these, there are many things to do to prevent the big C, but the most important is to carry out a happy, healthy life and always have the strongest determination to fight every battle we face through life.

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