Holiday Fashion Wishlist

from The Glitter Guide
Finally, it's that time of the year... Christmas is just around the corner, and along with family traditions, caroling the classics, and setting new resolutions, creating a holiday wish list is my favorite activity. From all the beautiful must-haves found throughout the year, I keep track of what my closet really needs, or... well, maybe what I really, really, really would love to own. This year, I'm keeping it classic and simple, lusting over all-year-wearable pieces taking into consideration that "70% of your closet should be classic pieces that never go out of style and the other 30% should be fun trendy items". So, without further ado, here's what my Holiday fashion wish list includes...

Skirt - Sweater - Dress - Shoes - Necklace - Bag

Some of these might be real splurges, but who knows? People tend to get surprisingly generous during the holidays! :)
Like any of my wish list items? What does yours include?

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