Splurge vs. Steal: The November Edit

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Happy Cyber Monday! This time of the year screams 'shopping' from every angle, and especially right after Black Friday and so close to the Holidays, I wanted to share another post on lust vs. must. Taking advantage of the sales and deals wave, it's pretty easy to become shopping smart... or not. Look out for the incredible sales that every store has to offer, and before splurging on anything, make sure to look for the equally (or sometimes even more) amazing but cheaper versions. I found three items essential for fall/winter days, with their affordable halves. Here's what I came up to...

Oversized Sweaters
LUST $468 - MUST $56
Leather Pants
LUST $1,250 - MUST $88
Denim Blouses
LUST $118 - MUST $34
So, would you rather splurge or save during this time of the year?

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