Christmas Primping

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With Christmas days coming closer and closer, I decided to share some good primping inspiration Santa-approved. This time of the year is all about festivities and partying with the loved ones. Whether you're traveling or staying home for the Holidays, a celebration will definitely come your way, and being well primped is a must. Below, I listed five of my favorite makeup trends that are very Christmas-appropriate.

- Shimmer. The leading makeup trend for this season is gold and bronze eye shadows, and glittering powder to highlight cheekbones and the inner corner of the eyes. Or did you think shimmer was solely for tree decoration? 

- Change part. To what side do you usually wear your hair? Christmas is the perfect time to change things up. Wear it to the opposite side for a slight but remarkable change of appearance. And if you aren't afraid of a bigger commitment, try some bangs or a totally new haircut.

- Reddish lips. Mauve, oxblood and red shades are the colors for Christmas lips. Just remember to keep a well-balanced look on the rest of the makeup. Too much can look overly festive. 

- Polish. When it comes to nails, the best shades and colors are definitely the classic french manicure and burgundy tones. The traditional white and pink french manicure is an obvious choice for the season, but burgundy is as trendy, and it brings drama to the overall look. 

- Mixed Blush. For the Holidays, blush is not to be ignored. The prettiest way to wear blush is applying two different tones, one light and one dark. Apply one layer of lighter blush and then one on a darker (complementary) shade right over it.

Which of these trends will you be trying during Christmastime?

Sources: Pinterest, Ladies' Home Journal, Essie, Lauren Conrad.

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