Winter Travel Essentials

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When it comes to traveling to a low-temp destination, packing can be somehow bittersweet. I personally love to pack my suitcase and plan my outfits for the entire trip, but when I'm heading to a wintery, snowy place, it automatically becomes a heavy packing (literally!). There are so many things to include on the checklist, and very limited space in the suitcase... especially if you're planning on doing some shopping and need to save some room. With that said, below I'm listing the essentials for a winter trip, which might be helpful for your next getaway...

In-Flight Essentials:
- Personal musts (passport, plane ticket, money...)
- Pack layers, a sweater and a scarf on your carry-on (airplanes are usually cold!).
- Wear comfortable shoes
- Wear socks and keep jewelry to a minimal (for security check's sake)
- A bottle of water (after security)
- Charged ipod/ipad/laptop
- A book or magazines
- Snacks

Depending on the number of days you're spending away from home, these are musts:

- Moisturizer with SPF +30
- Lip balm
- Argan oil
- Hand cream
- Exfoliator
- Eye cream
- Light foundation

- Winter coat (1 or 2)
- Pair of comfortable boots
- Cashmere sweaters
- Jeans and tops
- Undergarments (warm socks and long underwear)
- Thermal tops and leggings
- A pair of gloves
- A scarf
- A woolly hat

Any other must to include on the packing checklist?
Happy traveling!

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