How to Commit: Resolutions

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There's nothing that says 'new year' better than 'resolutions'. It has come to a tradition to work on improving ourselves during the entire year. But I applaud the people who actually end the year checking off of the list all of their resolutions. Honestly, we've all been there: making long lists of promises, and sadly sticking to only one or two throughout the year. I plead guilty. However, I really, really want to commit to my resolutions this year, so I found several ways to make it happen...

1. Write them down: Whatever you have on your mind take it to paper. Writing down your dreams and aspirations will make them more 'real' and you'll be constantly reminded of what to do. I loved this idea of framing the list of resolutions and placing it right at the bedside or at the work station. You'll have no excuse for forgetting what you committed to.

2. Schedule reminders: I've done this and it has actually worked, for these first few weeks at least. Set alarms every week and/or month reminding your goals. Not only does it help you stay focused, but it makes you see how (hopefully) well you've done so far, increasing the motivation to keep going.

3. Be rewarded: The mind has its own simple way of working. When you reward yourself for a good action, you involuntarily keep doing it. When you've reached a specific point on the way to your goal or have been committing to a resolution consistently, give yourself a treat, so your mind (and body) will be happy to keep up the hard work.

4. Don't quit: It's perfectly normal and OK to fail. If you're anything like me and have created a very long list of resolutions, expect some kind of failing. Just keep in mind that getting up and continuing the hard work will definitely pay off at the end of the year, or even way beyond depending on what you're committing to. Stay positive!

Don't you love the feeling of achieving that something that took you so long to achieve? I do, which is why, one way or the other, I'm committing to my list! :)

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