How To Master Color Blocking

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 How To Master Color Blocking

Color-blocking has been used quite a lot lately on a great variety of collections, and although the white-on-white look is spring's favorite trend, the color block has maintained its popularity, and for many good reasons. Color blocking consists of wearing strategically-placed complimentary yet contrasting bold colors in a single outfit. However, and like any other trend, it has its rules that should be followed to really carry the look gracefully and fashionably.

First, know that not all colors fit well when matched. Think of color combinations that you find on opposite or adjacent sides on this color wheel. The most common combos are pink and red, orange and blue, pink and purple, and blue and red. Another point to take into consideration is making sure the colors are bright enough, since color-blocking with pastels isn't as eye-catching. With that said, here I leave some simple rules and tips...

- Stick to 2 or 3 colors, no more than that. You don't wan't to look clownish.
- Avoid wearing the brightest piece on your trouble areas, since it will draw the most attention.
- Build an outfit with separates, instead of just one garment with 3 stacked colors built in.
- Balance the outfit with neutrals. If you're wearing a pink jean with a purple top, create the balance with nude shoes or a brown purse. 
- You can color block with accessories. Wear two different accessories in striking, contrasting colors for the same effect. (Although, if you're color-blocking your outfit, keep the accessories neutral.)
- To provide a lighter touch, wear an item with a bright color, then select a neutral color for the rest. 

Color blocking is definitely a challenge. And even when fashion brands, celebrities and bloggers have mastered the trend, some of us find it intimidating playing with contrasting colors. It's ok to play it safe by sticking to just one splash of color and leaving everything else neutral. However, I really mean it when I say that this revolution is making a long stay, so understand the simple color blocking principles and begin to add some striking colors to your look.

Play with colors and have fun! :)

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