Spring Trend: White on White

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From this spring's fashion collections of Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang and many more, a new trend has been stealing the spotlight. When it comes to looking sophisticated and clean, neutrals are always the best option. And while an all-black outfit can look as sleek, wearing all white looks a lot more refreshing and season-appropriate. White is the new black, I've heard...

I honestly feel intimidated when wearing a monochromatic ensemble, especially when it's a light neutral, but this season is definitely the best time to do so. Here are some great all-white inspirations as example...

White on white can be a real challenge, but when styled properly, it can be chic and all. If you're not too sure about the trend, or are as less dramatic as me, you can make the transition by adding different tones of ivory, cream or beige into the ensemble. You'll be wearing the trend, in a 'safer' way. Although, frankly, after looking at all the beautiful looks designers have put together for their collections, I'm taking their side, and opting for lighter (yes, whiter) pieces. 

Below are some of my current all-white cravings that, if you ask me, are very spring-appropriate...

Cropped Top - Pants - Peplum Top
Dress - Sweater - Shoes

Have a great day!

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