Introducing: Mallzee

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Being a fashion lover, I understand how shopping can be a truly amazing experience as well as a little overwhelming. Somewhere between the stores, the zillion options, and the sales, I get lost. However, several months ago I got the chance to discover an innovative site that makes the process incredibly easy, effective and super fun! Mallzee has just launched, and their main vision is to make shopping a social experience. Their idea involves allowing people to build their own virtual mall, choosing from over 180 brands, including Forever 21, Miss Selfridge, Urban Outfitters, ASOS, and many more. You can make it social by inviting friends, getting great deals, and even getting paid for every sale made at your mall. Isn't this genius? 

Here's what you need to know: You'll answer a style quiz to suss your style. Then, you create your 'Mallzee" with your favorite brands and stores. Once your dream closet has been created, you have the option to chat with friends, so they can give style feedback. As if this didn't sound good enough already, for every purchase made at your 'mall', you'll be rewarded! Didn't think you'd ever be paid for shopping, right? Neither did I. 

You can become a part of the experience and receive a free VIP membership, that will give you amazing features, special promotions and more great perks! With that said, go ahead and join the Mallzee experience here

You can also follow them on twitter for more exclusive updates at @Mallzee.

Have fun shopping!

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