On-going trend: Leather

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The leather trend really made a hit last year's fall, but when a trend is versatile and fashionable enough, it lengthens its stay, being this the perfect example. Although leather trousers have been around like forever, today it is so much wearable. The update includes dresses, tops, vests and anything in between. However, and like with any other fashion staple, wearing leather comes with a few rules to follow.

1. Make sure the leather suits your body. Leather tends to be form-fitting and rarely forgiving, so don't wear pieces too fitted.

2. Wear just one leather piece at a time. In my opinion, a leather outfit looks best when combined with different fabrics and colors. Contrasting pieces will not only make the leather piece a statement, but will also make you look slimmer and chicer.

3. Use leather accessories. If you can't find a well-fitted, comfortable piece to add to your closet, opt for leather accessories such as boots, gloves, or a bag. 

Happy leather wearing!

Source: All Women Stalk.
Images: luvrumcake, How to Chic, Refined Style, and Polished to Perfection.

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