Summer trend: The Crop Top

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For several months now, crop tops have caught my attention. From street style to runways, this trend has had a major impact on many of us and our style, and for good reasons, it's a spring trend that put down its roots onto summer style as well. Like any other, it's a trend that not everybody likes or feels comfortable with, but when applied right, it can look sophisticated and elegant. 

The fact that the top is 'cropped' doesn't necessarily mean showing off your stomach '90s style, neither does it mean that you need flat, perfectly-toned abs to pull it off. There are several ways of using the crop top that actually makes you look slimmer and decent, by showing just a hint of skin and playing with body proportions.
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First, know that the most important thing to keep in mind when wearing a crop top is balance and proportion. Ideally, a crop top comes with high-waisted bottoms. Not only does it look more feminine and sophisticated, but it gives the whole look symmetry, and skin exposure will be minimal.

From skin tight tops to slouchy sweaters, there are so many different styles to wear a crop top feeling comfortable and sticking to your personal view on fashion. The matching crop top-and-skirt set is also ideal for an overall clean look. 

I love the trend in most of its forms, but for me, the best way to wear a crop top is matching it with a midi or maxi skirt. It feels like you're giving the lower part what's missing on the upper part, elongating and slimming the figure and creating the perfect body harmony. And although I'm currently craving the matching sets shown above, wearing top and skirt on contrasting colors is as fashion-forward, and honestly, a lot more flattering.

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