Introducing: The Mallzee App

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Several months ago, I talked about Mallzee, a website that allows people to create their own virtual mall, shop, and interact with friends all in one. At the time, it sounded as the best thing ever for loyal shoppers. But now, it has stepped up the game by creating an app that lets you manage your shopping experience on the go.

For everyone with a daily busy schedule, the Mallzee app is the easiest and most effective way to shop for clothes strictly categorized under your own likes and style just by swiping right and left, and you can even get notifications on your phone whenever there's a huge bargain not to be missed on over 200 fashion top brands. Plus, for me, the app is a great source of fashion inspiration as well. There are tons of ideas on looks and outfits that boosts the much needed creativity on those got-nothing-to-wear days. 

Here's a few of what's new on the app:

- Easy access to share your fashion finds with friends including through WhatsApp
- A couple of super fashionable surprises 
- More menswear
- New fashion brands to shop
...and a lot more! 

I could elaborate on all the pros this personal styler has to offer, plus all the new amazing features the new updated app includes, but I'll just say it's a definite must on your list. You won't need all your favorite stores' mobile apps individually since you'll have it all in one place, and (should I say it again?) it'll be customized for you!  

Happy Wednesday!

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