How To Choose The Right Oil For Your Hair

by Marielisa Gomez - 8:26:00 PM

Regardless our hair type, we all want it to look healthy, shiny, and strong. And yes, there are tons of hair treatments out there for every nature of hair, but I personally like more natural, homemade treatments that don't involve all sorts of chemicals. So, for me, a natural oil treatment is the best thing I can do for my hair, and experts on the subject seem to agree. But again, there are so many different oils with different effects and benefits for every type of hair, so I've listed the most popular ones and their main functions.

Rosemary oil has natural ingredients that boost thickness and shine, and help prevent hair loss. If your hair is extremely fine, pomegranate seed oil is usually recommended because it revitalizes the color and texture of the hair, preventing dullness and improving elasticity.

Olive oil helps reduce dryness, typical of thick hair, as it is very hydrating, while also restoring shine and elasticity. And because olive oil is so heavy, it helps thick hair strengthen its texture. Another good option is avocado oil as it has rich proteins that will prevent breakage, split ends, and sun damage, while hydrating the follicles for stronger hair.


Sweet Almond Oil is great has lots of benefits for every hair type. It helps revitalize shine and strength, and heals split ends thanks to its high content of Vitamin A.

Most oils are great for the hair, just make sure to know which fits more appropriately your hair type to get the most advantages out if it.

I also suggest heading over to Oiling Point's site to check out their article with a foolproof recipe for speeding up the hair growth process.

Do you have any other good natural treatment for the hair?

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