How To Wake Up Happy

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For me, it's hard to wake up in the best of moods when I feel I need at least 4 more hours of sleep, and I'm sure many can relate. Even when I've gone to sleep early at night and have regained all the energy, there's no chance I'll ever like the sound of the alarm. However, complaining and struggling to get out of bed is not the ideal way for starting the day, and there's a lot that can be influenced during the next hours by the way you feel when waking up. Luckily, there are some simple tricks to wake up happier, and for me, whatever makes the process less traumatic is more than welcome.

1. Eat dinner every night. Going to bed with the stomach empty means you won't be able to fully rest because your brain will be constantly sending signals of hunger. Plus, you'll probably wake up with a headache.

2. Go to bed early. If you have to wake up early in the morning, go to bed eight hours before. Sleeping the full recommended period allows the body to feel as rested as possible (and under-eye circles will look less visible).

3. Drink water. Right after you get out of bed, drink two glasses of water. This will give you a lot more energy and hydrate you enough for the next few hours, which will, believe it or not, have the same effect as caffeine.

4. Let the sunshine in. There's no better alarm clock than sunlight. Depending on the timezone, it might come sooner or later, but waking up to natural light instantly sends a signal to the brain, making it easier for you to get up.

5. Set a morning playlist. Listening to the music you like automatically puts you in a good mood, so when you're getting ready or having breakfast, put on a playlist of your favorite tracks and sing along.

These tricks might seem simple, probably because they are, but are also truly effective for setting a positive mood from the very start of the day.

Any other good tips for waking up in a good mood?

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