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Almost a year ago I discovered what has ever since been my favorite piece of daily inspiration. TUT (standing for 'Totally Unique Thoughts') is a community hosted by Mike Dooley's geniality, whose idea is to remind everyone that life is magical, that we are all loved and adored, and that dreams do come true. I joined the community to receive one daily message from the 'Universe' itself, and honestly, there's no better way to wake up to something than to a TUT message. Here's an idea of what the Universe says...

note from the universe

note from the universe

I usually unsubscribe from annoying, spam-provoking mailing lists that send generic emails and fill my inbox with things I don't even read. But I promise, TUT is nothing like that. The thoughts I receive are so clear yet profound, and totally worth giving them a try. So, there it is... my suggestion to receive real, personalized and truly heartfelt daily inspiration. You can read more about the ideals behind TUT, and amazing testimonials from happy tutters like myself. After all, thoughts do become things...

If you're already a tutter, or are considering joining soon, I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

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  1. I love that quote about dessert and life being the meal. Simple yet profound.