How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

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Dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes are common beauty struggle most of us deal with. Whether the cause is hereditary, lack of sleep or a poor skincare regime, the appearance is never nice, but there are ways to prevent and/or hide the issue taking into account several factors.

In case that having dark circles is a hereditary condition, there's really not much to do to get rid of them. The only realistic solution is camouflage. Using concealer is the easiest way to hide puffiness and dark areas, and rubbing an ice cube under the eyes works wonders against inflammation, reducing the dark appearance. Also, try applying color corrector in peach or orange before applying concealer. It works wonders.

Another very common cause of under-eye dark circles is lack of sleep. When we're tired and stressed, the blood vessels dilate and appear very visibly through skin. So it's crucial that we have our 7-8 hours of sleep without interruption. Our skin will look better and more even the next morning. It's called beauty sleep for a reason.

Bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, and not consuming enough water can all influence in the appearance of dark circles. Nicotine contains some ingredients that make the skin look more aged, alcohol slows down the flow of oxygen to the skin, and dehydration is the worst enemy against a healthy, flawless look.

It's also important to wear sunscreen under the eye area. The skin gets specially sensitive under sun exposure, so taking care of it is a must.

Another important factor to take into account is the amount of time we spend in front of a computer. This can be really harmful, so take into consideration a 20-inch distance between your face and the screen, and take a 5-to-10-minute break every hour to relax your eyes.

Do you have any other good tip on how to get rid of the under-eye dark circles?

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