Spring Outfit Ideas

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Spring Outfit Ideas

I love reinventing my closet for a new season, and though I've already established my three staples for the season, I also like reinventing my style and mixing pieces from all the different ones, and from the street style I've been having my ones on, I've spotted five different looks I'd totally wear despite my inclination towards one specific style. 

CLASSIC STYLE. A pleated skirt, a white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers is my ideal classic look. Pieces that never go out of style and always look right on key era after era.

spring outfit ideas classic

EDGY STYLE. I'd never describe my style as edgy, but there are specific edgy looks that I get obsessed with, and this one is the perfect example. This unconventional and unexpected combination of fringes, crochet, and a studded skirt would never work in my head, but this look proved me wrong. 

spring outfit ideas edgy

GLAM STYLE. Probably the style I'm least identified with is also making an exception with this look. The crop top + high waited midi skirt set never fails to look impeccable, and combined with the right shoes and accessories makes me want to try this style more often.

spring outfit ideas glam

INDIE STYLE. For me, this style is all about creating your own combinations, adding artistic influences into the mix, and following no trends but your own. This look is what comes to mind when I think 'indie for spring', the best deals at the vintage flea market.

spring outfit ideas indie

BOHO STYLE. The bohemian influence in modern fashion is probably my go-to style. The result of organic, folk-influenced pieces combined with modern trends is exactly what I love about it. That, and the effortlessness it evokes.

spring outfit ideas boho

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