Tips On Avoiding Jet Lag

by Marielisa Gomez - 12:03:00 PM

Tips On Avoiding Jet Lag

One thing I hate about traveling is jet lag. And whether it's pleasure or work, it can ruin the entire trip if we never adapt to the time zone differences. However, there are some simple tips to avoid or decrease the effects of jet lagging, so keep on reading and get the best out of your trips. 

Sleep smart. Plan your travel schedule and organize sleep according to it. If you land early in the morning, the best option is to sleep the entire flight and get a cup of coffee when you arrive to feel refreshed and energized. If you land in the evening, it's best to keep yourself awake, so you get a good sleep during the entire nigh when you arrive.

Know the route. If you travel east, try to book an early flight, and if you are going west, book a late flight. This will have less impact on time zone differences, and affect less your sleep routine.

Give one day to adjust. Depending on the flight distance, it usually takes one or two days for the internal clock to adapt to the external. For this reason, it's a good idea to avoid planning long, tiring activities the same day to your arrival. Give one day for your body to adapt to the weather and time, so you can begin your trip well rested.

Stay hydrated. Dehydration is one of the main causes of jet lag. Flying, in general, causes dryness, so it is important to stay hydrated before, during, and after the flight, for skincare reasons, and to help the body cope with jet lag symptoms better, so make sure you drink enough water on the plane.

Stretch your legs. Sitting uncomfortably during several hours in a limited space can also have great influence on the symptoms of jet lag. During the flight, try to walk the aisle a few times to improve blood circulation, and while seated, move your ankles and feet in circular motion to get the flow moving.

Any other good tip to avoid jet lag I've missed? Share below!

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