Master The Bed Head Hair in 3 Steps

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bedhead hair

The bed head look is one of my favorites, I love an effortless hairstyle that still looks feminine and chic, and as hard as I try to make my 'bed head' hair look appropriate and last all day long, it never happens. But I do like those relaxed hairstyles more than the sleek, tight ones, so I wanted to look for some trick to make this intentionally messy hairstyle last and look good for going out all day. Luckily, after the trial and error process, I've found a simple technique to make the my bed head hair look decent and more put, lasting for hours. 

Here's what I do. When my hair is wet, I make a high bun at the top of my head right before going to bed and secure it with bobby pins, instead of using an elastic. In the morning, I release the bun and spritz my hair with either a finishing spray or a protecting serum. I use my fingers to add a little more volume, but since my hair is already thick, I try to not add a lot of volume, but give it some shape instead.

When my hair is dry, I need an extra help, since the high bun won't do the trick entirely. After releasing the bun in the morning, I spritz some heat protector and use a straightener to straight my hair in an over and under motion. This trick won't leave my hair super sleek, but instead with some loose waves. When it looks good, I apply finishing spray.

These techniques will probably vary depending on hair type and length, but on general terms, it should give your hair that messy bed head look. If there's any other tip you know to master this hairstyle, make sure to comment below. :)

Have a great day!

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