My 2015 Swimsuit Guide

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swimwear guide

Besides my classic summer ideas, this season is all about swimwear shopping, and though I find it extremely hard to find the perfect swimsuit for my body, I still love looking through all different colors, prints, and models out there. I'm usually more of a classic one-piece or a traditional bikini set that feels comfortable and looks trendy, but this year I've seen more beautiful and different pieces I'd love to wear all season long. So, with that said, this is my swimwear guide for 2015.


swimwear guide

1. Mix and Match Peplum Tankini - 78$
2. H&M 1-piece Bathing Suit - 29.99$
3. Mouille Low-Cut Peekaboo One Piece Swimsuit - 39.72$


swimwear guide

1. Seea Vintage Rose Bottoms - 88.00$
2. Ripple Bikini - 22$
3. Basta Surf Zunzal Hipsters - 49.95$


swimwear guide

1. Basic High Waist Bottom - 69.39$
2. You're in Luxe! High Waist Bottom - 19.99$
3. Crop Top/High Waist Bottom - 78.28$

Any other good swimwear option? Share yours below!

Image from vogue.

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