Classic Summer Style Ideas

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I'm loving all the summer trends I've seen lately, and are currently including them into my summer closet as I write. However, I'm also sticking to the classic summer style forms that never get old, and I thought of sharing those styling ideas so you can mix and match between good old classics and your favorite current trends. These are my favorite style ideas for summer:

Denim shorts + maxi cardigan. I love how a simple white t-shirt and denim shorts combination looks, but adding a maxi cardigan to it instantly transforms the outfit. I'd wear a really light cardigan for these hot days, though.

All-white. Wearing head-to-toe white is best for this season. It looks fresh and clean, and your clothes absorb less heat. For those of you who think wearing all white is too much, like me, I recommend adding pieces in blush or creme tones to the mix.

Summer Style Ideas
Flowy shorts + blouse. Wearing flowy pieces all season long is the best idea. It's a lot more comfortable and since you're still showing skin, you don't look too big under all of the loose fabric. I'd combine the look with classic accessories.

Summer Style Ideas
One-piece suit. Even though I love different bikini styles, I've always liked a one-piece swimsuit a bit more. For me they're more feminine, classic and comfortable, and they can look as stylish. Plus, it conceals my not-so-toned tummy.

Summer Style Ideas

What are your styling ideas for summer?

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